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Taxi Fare

Filled with good stuffs worth visiting, a venue called Koh Samui where you would like to be carries numerous options of tourist attractions, warm hospitality, Koh Samui taxi need, and great array of accommodations from luxe to budget places to stay overnight. This place is lined with appealingly eye-catching atmosphere of sea water clarity, gentle breeze slightly flocking to the shore, moderate heat from the sun to freshen your tan, scenic caves, tranquil town, and pleasingly lush national parks. As activities is so varied here, you can regularly go for island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, sailing, sunbathing, wildlife spotting, trekking, and white-water rafting, etc. After accessing to Phuket by plane, from Phuket International Airport, you can hire Koh Samui airport transfers by making a reservation with Best Vista Travel ─ a Koh Samui transfer provider that is prompt to serve all clients with an incandescent transfer service aiming to make clients feel the most convenient and satisfactory every time of obtaining any service from us. We believe that not only service quality is a key factor when choosing a provider, but also a good price that can save more your money. On our website, affordable taxi fare that is value for money is placed clearly together with recommended routes that most of visitors select for. If your route differs from those on webpage, you may freely communicate with us through telephone or email to request for specific price quoted. You will surely pay less while getting more from us! To transport you to certain destination safely with our vehicle, we are very certain that being proactive with vehicle upkeep can help remain safeness while driving. When you are in doubt about taxi fare or other issues regarding transfer around Koh Samui, you are able to contact our friendly team immediately anytime then we will make a response to your inquiry about Koh Samui transfers with greatest possible expedition. In addition, please let us know right away if you demand detailed information on Koh Samui airport transfer. There is nothing short of fun and pleasure at Koh Samui with copious nature assets, so enjoy your trip!

Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)
Family Sedan
(1-4 Pax)
Standard Van
(1-12 Pax)
Chaweng 490.- 600.- 700.- 790.-
Bophut 490.- 550.- 650.- 750.-
Lamai 690.- 800.- 900.- 1,150.-
Maenam   590.- 700.- 800.- 890.-
Nathon 750.- 850.- 900.- 1,100.-
Intercon Hotel   1,100.- 1,400.- 1,500.- 1,650.-
Chongmon- 550.- 600.- 700.-
Baan Tai- 720.- 750.- 900.-
Baan Taling Ngam   950.- 1,250.- 1,350.- 1,450.-
Natien  - 980.- 1,030.- 1,200.-
Thongkrut - 1,250.- 1,600.- 1,800.-
Bangrak- 600.- 700.- 800.-
Bangpor  - 850.- 950.- 1,200.-
Namuang- 950.- 1,100.- 1,200.-
Conrad Hotel- 1,200.- 1,300.- 1,400.-
Lam Sor- 1,100.- 1,200.- 1,300.-
Lam Set- 1,100.- 1,200.- 1,300.-
Lipa Noi- 1,100.- 1,200.- 1,300.-